Remke Photo Contest Application Stories from Customers - Remke Blog

Here’s your chance! Photos of applications using any Remke product just might win you an Amazon Gift Card!

Each month Remke will award a $125 Amazon gift card to whomever submits the best application photo(s). During 2014 there will be a winner – or winners – each month in honor of Remke’s 50th anniversary.  And if you submit an application photo of Remke stainless steel connectors and are a winner – you will receive an extra $50 Amazon gift card.

During the fall of 2013 we had 7 winners.  You can check out their photos & applications description on our Past Winners page…you just might uncover an idea for what you could submit.  Plus it’s easy to enter.

All Remke customers, distributors and sales representatives are encouraged to enter early and often!!