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Creating a Culture to Grow Your Business

A great article last week on ElectricalTrends.com asks the question “Why Grow Your Business?”. Author David Gordon raises some excellent points for you to consider to grow your business.

Although not everyone in your company may agree that growth is needed, on the financial side, the reasons may be clear. With increasing costs in many areas, including insurance, technology and transportation, business growth can be a key to better managing costs through increased profits.

Reasons to Grow Your Business:

  • Improve sales, and profitability, to meet increased expenses in a marketplace where frequently margins are being eroded.
  • Fun increased investments for the business, including wages.
  • Long-term survive-ability for your business.
  • Deliver a return-on-investment for shareholders and owners.
  • Gain greater support from customers and suppliers.
  • Expand market share or replace lost business.
  • Deliver on customer expectations.
  • Invest in new customer services.

“Getting ahead requires that you, and your company, think about how to grow today, tomorrow and longer-term.”

Start by identifying the ways that you want to grow your business, and then start creating a mindset within your company that growth is good! It’s essential to differentiating your company in the vast electrical industry.

Whether it’s adding customers, optimizing margins, streamlining processes, helping distributors sell more or identifying new opportunities, adding growth to your company should be everyone’s job.

Read the full article: Why Grow on ElectricalTrends.com

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