The Right Stainless Steel Connectors for harsh environments

Quality Stainless Steel Connectors Deliver Increased Productivity, Improved Safety, and Reduced Contamination

How often do you think about stainless steel electrical connectors? Probably not that often, that is, until they fail. These small components do very big jobs, which makes it critical for you to use the right one for the right job. With the right pieces, the whole system runs more smoothly.

Our latest whitepaper digs into the life of stainless steel connectors, the different types of stainless steel connectors, and how we specialize in creating custom stainless steel connectors in small or large production runs to fit your exact specifications.

Why Stainless Steel?thumb stainless steel difference 1

Stainless steel offers the strength and reliability in applications where high-corrosion resistance is required. Environments filled with everything from acids and abrasives, chemicals, chlorine-bearing agents, salt water, and high humidity to oil, gases, extreme temperatures and direct sunlight can affect performance.


The right connectors also guard against vibration and resist loosening and shifting.

The Two Main Types of Stainless Steel Conductors

There are two main types of stainless steel conductors — 304 and 316. While they look nearly identical, there are some important distinctions that need to be made so that you can use the right grade for the right job.

We discuss the various different applications and usages in our whitepaper, but the main distinction is that Type 304 is generally more affordable and the application needs to withstand oxidizing acids or needs easy sanitation. Type 316, which is often more expensive, is used if there is exposure to high amounts of corrosive elements, industrial solvents, or if it is a high-saline environment.

Regardless of which type is used, stainless steel remains sustainable throughout its lifetime, environmentally friendly, and profitable to work with.

The Remke Engineered Solution Center

When it comes to stainless steel connectors, our range of engineering capabilities allow us to take a stock product and tweak it just a bit, or develop an entirely new design from the ground up. We’re always operating within our client’s production and budgetary parameters, and our goal is to meet the unique needs of any individual customer.

At our Engineered Solutions Center, a single customer becomes our top priority. We provide an enhanced level of customer service by working collaboratively towards an application-specific solution that other manufacturers simply don’t take the time to offer.

Download our latest whitepaper today and learn more about how quality stainless steel connectors can deliver increased productivity, improved safety, and reduced contamination. Call 877-438-8833 anytime, as we would love to learn more about your latest application challenges and step in to help!