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How Electrical Connectors Tie Our World Together

Could you answer the question?  Did you say maybe some sort of sealant or fastener?

What if the question had said ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS? Would you have guessed the answer is a dome cap cable gland?

Why Are Dome Cap Cable Glands So Versatile?

Because they are durable, easy to assemble, liquid-tight and provide strain relief for all types of applications.

From car washes to I/O boxes, motors to hot tubs, industrial equipment to carpet cleaning machines, dome cap cable glands seal out moisture and provide more reliable connections.

Wherever there is continuous flexing & bending of cable, indoors or outdoors, you can use a Remke Dome Cap Cable Gland.

We offer them as standard nylon connectors or in a spiral-flex extended version for applications that need extra thread length.

They are available in nickel-plated brass for industrial or corrosive environments and we have an EMC version that shields against electromagnetic frequencies.

If you’re looking for a connector that installs easily and is impact & abrasion resistant even at very low temperatures check out Remke Dome Cap Cable Glands.  All styles exceed NEMA 6 specs and are rated IP 68 making them suitable for use underwater to 150 feet – ideal for submersible applications.

Where Do You Use Dome Cap Cable Glands?

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