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Picture This…

One of the “Big 3” Automakers has an Entire Production Line Shutdown

Can you imagine the tension building while they try to solve the problem?  Can’t you just hear somebody saying those words.

products custom damaged cable insetLike most every other car company, this automaker uses welding robots on their production & assembly lines.  BUT repetitive movement and excessive flexing of the welding robot was causing the cable insulation to become fractured and broken at key stress points.  Traditional connection methods failed resulting in the cable shorting out, robots shutting down and production lines coming to a stop.  What a nightmare!

Custom Remke Solutions Solve Problems to Save Time & Money

The automaker turned to the Remke Custom Solutions Team who developed a totally new product to solve the problem.  The TUFF-FLEX connector is a molded rubber cone that is tapered for rigidity and flexibility.  The cone matches cable arc-of-bend specs thus eliminating cable damage.  The car maker tests each & every cone and the TUFF-FLEX connector has exceeded their cycle test requirements.  As they have said “this connector solved our problem”.

TUFF-FLEX connectors are the answer for any application where cable damage due to excessive flexing is a problem.   If this is your problem Remke has the answer so call us.  And if you’ve got other tough connection problems call Remke.  Our Custom Solutions Team is ready to help you now!

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