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New Years 2006……..Industrial Market Trends blog from Thomas Publishing gives some predictions for the years to come.  Fast forward to New Years 2011 – what happened?  Let’s look at the outcome for a couple of things.

Prediction for Data Sharing: with the meteoric rise of Google as a model, vast amounts of data will be available for any business of any size resulting in widespread data sharing.
Result?  More wrong than right.

It is true that businesses can access a vast amount of data from all kinds of sources.  But many (and perhaps most) still haven’t figured out what to do with all the data – how to turn it into something really valuable.  Most companies rarely change anything based on the data they receive.  For example, despite all the data that customers didn’t want huge SUV’s anymore GM didn’t react fast enough.  The entire ‘Humpty Dumpty’ that was the US auto industry fell apart.  However there are exceptions, especially in cases of smaller industrial & manufacturing companies who do listen and are smart enough and lean enough to react productively.

Prediction for Made in America: patriotism will grow stronger and be more important to consumers thus fueling the strongest bipartisan effort in history to move the United States back to being a leader in education, research & development, technology, engineering and manufacturing (in terms of output & product quality).
Result?  Wrong.
This is never going to happen unless someone, somewhere, on either side of the aisle stands up and says ‘We must protect our own and our country when it comes to jobs, education, manufacturing, research & development, and technology.

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