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You can’t afford NOT to have connectors that work for you.

Especially if you’re working on an offshore drilling platform. Here’s how Remke’s Engineered Solutions team helped solve one customer’s connectivity issues in a challenging environment.

The Connection Problem

An oil & gas exploration and production company was using enclosures & terminal blocks for the electrical wiring of various motors, pumps and other equipment on offshore drilling platforms.

Traditional hardwiring including miswiring, condensation build-up, corrosion and electrical shorting were increasing downtime as they had to repair corroded terminal strips, replace gaskets on enclosures and rewire equipment.

The Remke Engineered Solution

Remke’s Engineered Solutions team put their heads together and determined the best answer was to redesign the internal footprint of an 8-outlet Mini Port Distribution Box to accommodate various pre-wired circuits.

They also changed the material of construction to a polyester resin for enhanced corrosion resistance & durability and completely sealed all internal components to eliminate air gaps and moisture ingress.

The Result?  The custom Remke solution saved the company both time & money as downtime was virtually eliminated as were the costs associated with troubleshooting and repair.

We’re here to help.

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