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EVERYTHING is CONNECTED.  No – we don’t mean that six degrees of separation thing.  We’re talking real-world here…certainly in the electrical industry which is what Remke Industries does every day.  All types of electrical connectors are used daily in the industrial world – and those of you who are responsible for the integrity of the electrical connectors on the product you make to sell, or on the machines that make your products or are used in your plant know just what we’re talking about.

But let’s think bigger picture here.  EVERYTHING’s CONNECTED has lots of meanings – like between businesses such as Remke and our customers.  Or it can mean between individuals, or families, or communities, or local government and the residents of a town.  EVERYTHING’s CONNECTED is a statement of fact that is woven throughout all aspects of our daily lives.

In our blog we’ll talk with you about many things electrical, and perhaps even surprise you with a bit of insight or ideas about electrical connectors – cord connectors or molded connectors – that we hope will help you in your job.  But we will also talk from time to time about ‘other’ connections…things we think are important for all of us to remember such as staying connected in ways that will benefit our fellow man.

With EVERYTHING’s CONNECTED, we’re going to do our best to present you with useful information for work, but also with thoughts that will touch your heart.  After all, it is up to each of us to help make sure that where we work, and even the world around us, is a better place.

Welcome to EVERYTHING’s CONNECTED.  Thanks for stopping by & please come back again.