US Manufacturing considers reshoring

US Manufacturing is seeing a need for reshoring.

A recent conference in Green Bay, Wisconsin called “Manufacturing First” featured a keynote address from Scott Paul from the Alliance of American Manufacturing.  Scott is calling all US Manufacturing to rethink their supply chain and consider reshoring.

Some of his key points were:

  • US Manufacturing is finally getting some attention from Harvard and MIT which used to focus almost exclusively on financial innovation
  • Manufacturing is central to the future of the economy with pay that averages $32.67 per hour compared to $27.11 in services
  • Wall Street got extraordinary help from the feds during the recession but manufacturing firms have trouble getting loans from Wall Street institutions
  • Manufacturing has declined from 25% of US jobs to less than 10% today
  • Manufacturing accounts for one-third of the 5.5 million jobs lost in the US since 2000

But our country continues to resist any sort of industrial policy for manufacturing – even while the US government spends billions supporting agriculture which employs far fewer people.  Why is that?  And what can be done?  An article on the website offered these suggestions:

  • Provide better skills training – up to 600,000 US manufacturing jobs remain unfilled because companies can’t find trained workers they need.
  • Support legislation to levy tariffs on Chinese imports if they continue to keep their currency artificially low.

There any signs of hope for manufacturing in the USA including:

  • Fast Company magazine reported on top products designed & made here like Estwing hammers, Pendleton blankets, Billykirk’s leather bags, Raleigh denim jeans and SHY Light chandelier.
  • Businessweek magazine reports that the US auto industry is expanding mostly in the non-union south and creating jobs that pay reasonably well for the region plus offer benefits.
  • Domestic & foreign automakers plan to hire 25,000 workers between 2011 and 2015 – and every job in an assembly plant might create seven other jobs.

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