Liquid Tight Stainless Steel Electrical Connectors -

Steel LiquidTight Cord Grips & Watertight Conduit Hubs

At Remke Industries, we often work with customers that require watertight solutions they can depend on within some of the most corrosive environments around.

That’s why no matter what, you can count on Remke for electrical connectors, cord grips, adapters, and conduit hubs that keep your connections liquid tight under the most adverse conditions. Here are two products that exemplify this and serve our customers well under a variety of manufacturing applications.

Stainless Steel Liquidtight Connectors 90-degree -

Stainless Steel Liquidtight Cord Grips

These liquidtight connectors create a heavy-duty seal in wet or highly corrosive applications.

Our line of industrial-strength liquidtight stainless-steel electrical connectors hit the mark when it comes to waterproof, reliable connections. Rated IP 68 and NEMA 4X, they feature a standard Viton® O-Ring and nylon insulated throat, making them both waterproof and resistant within environments that deal with oil and corrosive chemicals.

These stainless steel connectors are ideal for wet locations, those with high humidity, or dry locations where protection from dust and dirt are critical. Combine the strength of stainless-steel with these liquidtight modifications for longevity, reliability and endurance!

Water tight conduit hubs made of stainless steel -

Watertight Conduit Hubs

Used to connect rigid metal conduit to a non-threaded opening in electrical enclosures, Remke watertight conduit hubs are rated NEMA 4 and can be used in wet or dry applications. Featuring unique angled serrations, these conduits provide a larger and tighter surface and include a watertight seal, even with a rough or over-sized knock-out.

Remke watertight conduit hubs are available in ½” to 4” hub sizes in die cast zinc, stainless steel, and aluminum providing customers with many options depending on strength needed, durability and corrosiveness. These conduits also offer positive grounding, protective insulated throats that prevent wire abrasion, and an embedded O-Ring to ensure a watertight seal.


Custom Liquidtight Connectors

When the connector or conduit you need doesn’t come standard, Remke can help!

Our team at Remke Engineered Solutions specializes in meeting the unique needs of our customers. Our #1 job is to develop application-specific, custom liquidtight cord grips, conduit hubs, and anything else we are capable of designing to make your application a success. Our broad spectrum of customization is like a sliding scale, from to complex, and no job is too big or small.

Our engineers solutions center offers custom design, quick turn-around, 100% product testing and compliance certification. And, our personal, superior service might just be the difference you’re looking for!


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