TradeFox is NSI’s exclusive brand of innovative products, invented by real technicians and designed to make life in the HVACR trade easier.

These specialty tools and accessories provide solutions to on-the-job challenges—and are so much more than that. We connect with technicians, celebrating the ingenuity inherent in the HVACR trade and recognizing their achievements and resourcefulness. These technicians are our TradeFoxes.

Finally, TradeFox represents our Inventor Program. We use our expertise in engineering, manufacturing, marketing and distribution to help technicians bring their ideas to life and to market.

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Inventor Stories

Andrew Jones

As one of our veteran Tradefoxes, Andrew Jones has worked in the field every single day since 1994.  With roots in California, he often experienced problems cleaning out condensate lines in areas that offered little access.  Cutting the lines in tight spaces with no place to catch the water was time consuming and often led to ceiling damage.  He wanted something compact and fast.  “I woke up with the idea for a valve that was permanently mounted and multi-directional.  I go to sleep thinking about problems, and actually wake up with the solutions.”

Jones says, “HVAC technicians are very innovative.  In our trade we deal with such a wide spectrum of tasks and challenges and that breeds immense creativity.  If you have an idea, pursue it – and call NSI.”

Robert Kraft

As an HVAC technician of 32-years, Robert Kraft had always used typical jumper wires to start the HVAC system. But on one job in doing so, Robert short cycled the compressor by accident and damaged it so badly it had to be replaced. “When I damaged that compressor I couldn’t get it out of my head. I thought there has to be a better way to start these units safely while the power is still live”.

Robert got to work. He headed to the hardware store and immediately started piecing together a unit. “Inventing products and making things easier to do runs in my blood. I started working on a tool concept that could not only start the unit, but  bypass switches and diagnose low voltage shorts with a pop out fuse.” I named it the “Jumper King™”

Josh Cooley

Both on and off HVAC jobs, Josh Cooley says he’s always been observant and looks for ways to make things better.  Currently, he is the owner of Airamedics Heating and Air Conditioning in Arizona, but back in 1996, he was an apprentice with an idea – an adjustable magnetic umbrella. 

“I zip-tied a speaker magnet to an umbrella.  It didn’t work in the rain, didn’t look cool and wasn’t practical.  I didn’t move forward. I thought, there’s no way someone hasn’t thought of this.”    Years later in Arizona, Josh became tired of working in such hot conditions and came back to his idea. “I wanted to see if I could do it right this time around, and it worked.”


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