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Everybody is talking about U.S. Manufacturing again.  And that is truly good news whether it comes from the media or political talking heads.  And why is manufacturing a big deal?  Because it is leading the way for our economic recovery.  We might all prefer the recovery to be stronger than it is but at least we have positives to talk about!  Like 12 million jobs in manufacturing.  Or that U.S. manufacturing supports 12% of our GDP – the highest level in five years!

These are considered the top manufacturing trends from 2012:

  • Exporting
    • 60% of companies that reported increased export activity stated that their company was thriving and growing
  • Re-shoring
    • Bringing the business & jobs back to America
    • A Forbes survey reported that “40% of companies indicated that they have won new manufacturing business that had been previously offshored”
    • Remke has been reporting on reshoring in our blog for over a year and we’re thrilled to see that this trend remains strong!
  • Made in America
    • The Made In America brand is growing stronger & stronger as people prefer buying products made in our country because of the quality services American manufacturers provide.
    • A recent study published in Industry Week found that 80% of Americans are even willing to pay more for a product if they know it’s made in the USA and this is important to our economic growth.
    • Remke products are Made In the USA………..the Chicago northwest suburbs to be exact!
  • Innovation
    • Innovation = finding a creative solution to a problem
    • U.S. manufacturers are differentiating themselves by providing quality products & services that are a direct result of manufacturers becoming innovative in different ways such as technology, workforce practices and business operation.
    • Innovation at Remke = our Flexible Solutions Center that is 100% dedicated to finding solutions to specific customer problems by designing custom products, specials, adaptations and modifications.

We believe that manufacturing will continue to play a pivotal role in the continued economic recovery in the United States.

What would you like to see our government do to strengthen the  U.S manufacturing business? Please share your ideas and as always, thank you for subscribing to EVERYTHING’S CONNECTED.

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