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How Can You Be a Better Leader and Manager?

Being good at your job doesn’t guarantee you will be a good leader or manager.

Effective leadership is an art. Fortunately, it’s an art that can be learned.

By following these basic 10 principles, you can be a more effective leader, no matter your personal style.

Top 10 Practices of Effective Leaders

1] Select the Right People

  • It all starts with the right team. Make sure the person not only has the right skills but more importantly fits the culture. Read The Cost of a Bad Hire and How to Fix It.
  • Then, help those people grow! The development of key people may be the single greatest determinant of an organization’s ability to deal with uncertainty and succeed.
  • Engage people and align the needs of the individual with those of the company.

2] Show Empathy

  • Listen to people, relate to their emotional experience and let them know you are doing so.
  • Develop the ability to understand each person on your team and connect with them in a genuine, meaningful way. This is a key factor in how effective you can be at influencing, setting objectives that motivate, and creating meaningful rewards.

3] Communicate

  • This is a key to fostering empathy & building relationships of openness, trust and honesty.
  • Create the time & space for people to talk and to ask questions. Clearly communicate your goals & expectations and define people’s roles and responsibilities in line with your goals
  • Let your staff know what they’re doing right as well as what areas they need to work on
  • Non-verbal behavior is just as important as what people say. Effective managers need to be keen observers and need to be intuitive since staff doesn’t always tell you when they are struggling

4] Lead By Example

  • Take responsibility for the atmosphere you create and shape it with your own behavior.
  • Encourage innovation by others by being innovative yourself. Whether it’s new processes, products or any part of your business, you’ll get better innovation from others by showing them how.

Top 10 Ways to be a more effective leader - Remke Blog

5] Delegate Responsibility Rather Than Tasks

  • It’s important to let your staff take ownership of their work and find their own ways of doing things. Micromanaging isn’t the answer.

6] Be Positive & Constructive

  • Tell people what you want them to do rather than telling them what you don’t want them to do.
  • Use actual observations to comment on poor performance and demonstrate the issue and talk about behaviors rather than criticize.

7] Thank and Reward Your Staff

  • This is often neglected! It takes little effort to thank someone but it can make all the difference to how people feel on the job.
  • When it comes to rewards, provide those that people will actually find rewarding.

8] Develop Your Staff

  • Help your employees to succeed – their success is your success.
  • Be patient & coach your people. The best way to coach is to help your staff focus on process rather than content.
  • Turn problems into learning opportunities. Ask your employee to outline the problem, describe the impact the problem is having, describe what they’ve tried already, define an ideal outcome, explore the resources they might use to reach the outcome, consider the possible next steps & have them try it then come back and report the results.
  • Take risks with your employees – often they bring pleasant surprises.
  • You will encourage innovation, creativity and resourcefulness when you give your staff the latitude to work through problems & solutions themselves.
  • Be Flexible! Good managers have a flexible approach and adapt their style to individual employees.

We hope you find these tips to be useful. They have been for us.

Is your management style reflected in these practices? Are there other management practices you have found to be effective? Please share your thoughts below or on social media… don’t forget to tag @Remke.