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With a different way of approaching cold calls, companies can change this activity from a feeling of dread to feelings of anticipation.  And it’s not as hard to accomplish as you may think.

Approaching cold calling in a different way means:

  • First….realize that you’re not bothering the prospective customer
    • by not calling & introducing your products/services to them you are really doing them a disservice.  Think about it….your customers need what you are offering and cold calling is one way to make them aware of the benefits your company brings to the table.
  • Second…..put yourself in the position of who you are calling
    • Your prospects have problems and you have solutions!  Do a little homework and find out their concerns.  Why hesitate to offer to help make their job & life easier?

When done correctly, cold calling can be an effective sales tool.  But many companies either don’t use cold calling or attempt it ineffectively.  Here are a few mistakes to avoid in cold calling:

  1. Reading From a Script
    1. Boring…..nothing like hearing a person reading something after they have usually mispronounced the name.  The goal is to make the prospect feel like they are somebody special
  2. Lack of Passion
    1. Many cold callers sound like human zombies going through the motions.  If there is anything to cause the customer to hang up this is it.
  3. Failing to Connect Emotionally
    1. If the cold caller sounds bored and mechanical the prospect will pick that up.  If the caller isn’t excited about the offering, why in the world should the prospect be?
  4. Not Targeting the Prospects
    1. Working off a random list should be avoided if at all possible.  Better to narrow the target list to customers who have bought similar products/services in the past……then the campaign will be more successful.
  5. Giving Prospects the Opportunity to say ‘No’
    1. Anytime the caller asks a question there should NEVER be the opportunity to say ‘no’
    2. Give the customer a choice……“Our reps will be in your area on Wednesday and Thursday.  Which day is more convenient for you?……….instead of saying ‘Would you like to have a sales rep come see you next week?’.  Choices produce far superior results.

And finally, to help you overcome the fear factor ask yourself this….what is the very worst thing that could happen on a cold call?  You hear an obscenity and the phone slams down.  BIG DEAL….SO WHAT!  You’re looking for the Yes’s not the No’s……….and that person who said ‘no’ is helping you find the next ‘yes’.  How cool is that!

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  1. Marmon Pine
    Marmon Pine says:

    I loved your tips on cold calling. I can’t wait to use them for a Remke campaign.

    I am a retired electical engineer who can enthusiastically make calls from a home office.

    With minimal product training, I’m sure that, with my phone skills, I can convert suspects into prospects and then into customers.

    Please let me know how i can be part of your team.

    Marmon Pine

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