Remke new website 2014

67% of the buyers journey is done digitally.

That’s a rather amazing statistic but not really a surprise. The internet has forever changed our lives and how we research & shop for products both professional and personally. And each of us hopes to have a good experience with the websites we visit and use.

The new has been designed for a better customer experience. At the same time we are launching a new logo, tagline and brand refresh that are more closely aligned with our strategic vision for growth and expansion. Remke has stayed in business for over 50 years by listening to our customers and building relationships. And while we remain committed to our core values we’re equally committed to moving forward by embracing innovation & new ways of doing business – both internally and externally.

The new Remke website has been designed with a focus on user friendliness, easier navigation and content. We want our website to be useful and be of value with

  • Data-rich product pages including photos, tech specs and comprehensive overview
  • Simplified site navigation
  • Quick & easy ‘Find A Product’ pages where one click on a product photo takes the visitor to a detailed information page
  • New customer application stories
  • A comprehensive Cross Reference tool
  • A streamlined Home Page & site design
  • More content created as Useful Tools

At Remke we’re focused on using what we’re best at to serve our customers and solve all kinds of connectivity issues. And to us that says Connecting Possibilities – our new tagline which signifies the combination of our focus on connectors with depth of line, flexibility & service.

In developing the New our focus has been on creating a website that helps make your job easier. We hope we have accomplished this goal but please give us your feedback. Let us know what you like & what works …. let us know what needs improving … and let us know what other tools would be useful. Thanks!

We do want to hear from you about the New Please Like & Share this blog — and as always, thank you for subscribing to EVERYTHING’S CONNECTED.