TERMINATOR Premium Wire Connectors are your solution for securely joining a wider range of wires in residential or commercial applications due to their fixed square-wire spring and flexible skirt that covers over-strips.

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TERMINATOR has perfected the art of joining wires. Flexible skirts and expanding quick-bite square springs fit a wider range of wires, doing the job of two connectors in one product. The swept-back wing design fits naturally in-hand, while the ergonomic grooves make them comfortable to install. You don’t even have to pre-twist your wires. Choose the unstoppable connector: TERMINATOR.

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Explore the full line of TERMINATOR products by viewing our Product Sheet. The bicolored design of every TERMINATOR connector fits a wider range of wires, using an expanding quick-bite spring made from zinc-plated steel to grip in any pigtail application, including junctions, splits, outlets and switches.

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TERMINATOR products carry the NSI promise of quality and reliability. The bicolored design fits a wider range of wires in fewer SKUs, making them easier to stock in your store or carry on your truck. View our Product Reference Sheet to see how TERMINATOR’s versatility can simplify your work.

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TERMINATOR Professional Wire Connectors fit a wider range of wires due to their bicolored design. View the Specification Sheets for the Red/Yellow, Tan/Red and Orange/Blue lines to see the full list of certified combinations.