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Better Work Communities is Better Business

TED Talks are pretty amazing. 15-minute digestible sound-bytes that provide listeners with inspiration and insight. For example, take a few minutes out of your day to listen to “The Surprising Ingredient That Makes Businesses Work Better” by Marco Alverà at a TED talk in Milan.

Here’s an excerpt:

“What is it about unfairness? Whether it’s not being invited to a friend’s wedding or getting penalized for bad luck or an honest mistake, unfairness often makes us so upset that we can’t think straight. And it’s not just a personal issue — it’s also bad for business, says Marco Alverà. He explains how his company works to create a culture of fairness — and how tapping into our innate sense of what’s right and wrong makes for happier employees and better results.”



Who is Marco Alverà?

Marco Alverà is an Italian/American businessman and CEO of Snam, Europe’s largest natural gas utility.

Why you should listen.

In this TED Talk, Marco explores the idea of unfairness and relates it to the vulnerability that as humans, we feel both personally and professionally. It makes people defensive and disengaged. He cites a study that shows 70 percent of workers in the US are disengaged, and this is costing companies 550 billion dollars every year.

But, instead of scaring us, he describes how to remove unfairness in the workplace and promote more than just simple rules and equality benchmarks, but a serious sense of community and support.

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Thanks TED Talks for continuing to provoke and persuade us to think beyond ourselves, promoting a sense of constant professional improvement.

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