TED Talk: Meet Spot and How Remke Plays a Part of New Technology

TED Talks are so inspiring!

They engage, provide insight, empower and in this case, enlighten. Listen to Marc Raibert, founder of Boston Dynamics, as he shows you his work developing advanced robots that can gallop like a cheetah, negotiate 10 inches of snow, walk upright on two legs and even open doors and deliver packages! During this TED, Raibert gives a live demo of SpotMini, a robot that maps the space around it, handles objects, climbs stairs, and may become your next household Rosie -the robot maid from The Jetsons (we know you knew that).

Watch “Meet Spot, the robot dog that can run, hop and open doors” and get ready to be amazed.


Electrical Connectors are Helping Advance Robotics

As the robotics industry has expanded horizons and possibilities, from personal companions to high tech industrial solutions, electrical connectors are serving as a crucial component. While robotic androids engineered for military surveillance, disaster rescue and bomb rescue, or even robotic social companions for the normal society may be a ways off, a much larger potential market for robotics lies in industrial applications that perform difficult, repetitive or dangerous tasks. And guess what? Electrical connectors play a big role in their functionality and advancement.

Cage Free Robot and Warehouse Revolutions

Newly designed robotic machines work alongside their human counterparts, directly assisting them in “cage free” zones. In the past, robots and humans were isolated, as robots were considered dangerous and unpredictable. Robots are now actually able to collaborate with humans, making their work more productive and efficient.

In warehouses across the country (think Amazon) fleets of robots assist humans in their fulfillment centers, fetching and delivering products to shippers, while reducing cost and time, making everything smooth and efficient.

Connectors Play a Part

Industrial robots are highly complex machines that contain multiple computers, dozens of sensors, motors, hydraulic pumps, actuators, electrical connectors, etc., requiring sub-assemblies before the entire machine is ready for operation. It’s pretty involved! Connectors in industrial applications such as these must be able to withstand high temperatures, industrial fumes, dust, moisture, high voltage spikes, and excessive vibrations.

As the need for robots develops and evolves, so will the market for components including connectors and sensors for industrial applications that perform difficult or dangerous tasks. The market is rapidly changing, and at Remke, we’ve placed our ear to the ground, monitoring the advancement of industrial robotics and accessing what that might mean for our company – and yours!

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