TED Talk Got a Wicked Business Problem? First Tell me How you Make Toast - Remke.com/blog

In this TED Talk, speaker Tom Wujec speaks about Collaborative Visualization, and how many different types of companies are using it to solve some of their biggest challenges.

But it all started with a simple question: “Tell me how you make toast”.

In asking people to draw a diagram of this simple process, he found interesting correlations, and differences, in how they thought of the process, and how it breaks down for individuals.

He finds that the process reveals unexpected truths about how we can solve some of our biggest, most complicated problems.

“We intuitively know how to break down complex things into simple things and bring them back together again”

Collaborative visualization helps people:

  • Get clear in thoughts and goals
  • Get aligned with each other
  • Get engaged with the problem and the solution

Although collaborative visualization works for individuals, it is a better tool for team. It not only allow each individual to contribute their own ideas and perspective, but more importantly provides an easy tool for the team to collaborate, discuss, simplify and streamline the concept. It allows the group to synthesize different points of view and come to a clear answer.

Watch the video to discover a new way to solve your next big problem and visit Tom’s website, DrawToast.com for Collaborative Visualization inspiration.