Valox Cord Grips & Connectors for Extreme Conditions from Remke for Industrial Applications

Industrial Applications for Remke Valox Cord Grips

Non-metallic Electrical Connectors and Cord Grips are a must-use under extremely corrosive conditions. Read about why.
Cord grips, cable glands and all types of industrial electrical connectors -

Remke Cord Grips and Cable Connectors

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It’s understandable for a product like electrical cable connectors and cord grips, widely used in all types of industrial plants, to be called a commodity. They are used literally anywhere that a cable or conduit connects to some type of machine or enclosure. But does that mean they are a commodity product, right?
Cord grip add on components improve the performance of standard cord grips and cable connectors - Remke Blog

Cord Grip Add-Ons for Outstanding Connector Performance

An infographic with options to enhance a standard cord grip with add-ons. Strengthen, seal and protect cable connectors in many applications.
Check out Remke's buyers guide for cable support wire mesh grips for data centers.

Securing Cable Runs - Part 2

Handy charts to easily select the best wire grips for able support to better secure cable runs. Make vertical runs or flexing connections more secure.
Get superior cable support with Remke wire mesh cable grips.

Securing Cable Runs - Part 1

How to choose wire mesh grips for cable support in vertical cable runs and in applications with bending and flexing applications.
Wire Mesh Grip Shape Shifting Design

Shape-Shifting Design or Futuristic Wire Mesh Grip?

MIT Calls It "Transformable Woven Studies" We think it looks like a giant, futuristic wire mesh grip. Imagine if your electrical connectors could be exponentially strengthened, bent and flexed to the exact configuration of the space, based…
Manufacturers of Cord Grips and Cable Connectors Logos

Cord Grip & Cable Connector Manufacturers Comparison

Quickly Compare Manufacturers of Cord Grips and Cable Connectors Not All Electrical Connector Companies Are The Same A quick way to compare manufacturers of cord grips and cable connectors is this chart (below) of the capabilities…
Custom Electrical Connectors for Harsh Applications - Remke Blog

Custom Electrical Connectors that Don't Break the Budget

Affordable Custom Electrical Connectors, Fast! 2 common misconceptions about custom electrical connectors: - They are much more expensive - Take more time to manufacture These simply are not true.  Changing some basic specifications on…
RSR Cord Grip Line

Aluminum Cord Grips - Larger Sizes in Stock

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Stronger, Bigger Aluminum Cord Grips Ready to Ship from Remke Standard aluminum cord grips have been the go-to connector of electricians for decades, but did you know that you don't need to settle for ordinary? Get superior performance…
Ultimate Guide to Cable Strain Relief -

Infographic: The Ultimate Guide to Cable Strain Relief

Cable Strain Relief Options - Simplified! It's easy to figure out which strain relief connector is ideal for any application. Just follow the lines. Easy to Follow Infographic Of Cable Strain Relief Options from Remke Click to enlarge Remke…