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Leadership vs. Authority

Can you be an authority, but not a leader? Can you be a leader with no real authority? Yes! Leadership is more than a job title and authority is only that.
The Next Manufacturing Revolution: A TED Talk by Olivier Scalabre covers 3D printing and advanced robot technology - Remke Blog

TED Talks: The Next Manufacturing Revolution

An Informative, Inspirational Talk About the Future of Manufacturing In this TED Talk by Olivier Scalabre, "The Next Manufacturing Revolution is Here", he talks about how the intersection of technology and manufacturing will completely change…
Wire Mesh Grip Shape Shifting Design

Shape-Shifting Design or Futuristic Wire Mesh Grip?

MIT Calls It "Transformable Woven Studies" We think it looks like a giant, futuristic wire mesh grip. Imagine if your electrical connectors could be exponentially strengthened, bent and flexed to the exact configuration of the space, based…
TED Talk Got a Wicked Business Problem? First Tell me How you Make Toast -

Ted Talk: Got a Wicked Problem? First, Tell Me How you Make Toast

In this TED Talk, speaker Tom Wujec speaks about Collaborative Visualization, and how many different types of companies are using it to solve some of their biggest challenges. But it all started with a simple question: “Tell me how you make…
TED Talk Save the World from Bad Meetings - Remke Blog

How to Save the World from Bad Meetings: A TED Talk

It's happened to all of us. Sitting through a never-ending meeting, listening to everyone talk, wondering why you're there in the first place. In this TED Talk from David Grady, he outlines some great ideas on how to make your meetings more…