US Manufacturing considers reshoring

US Manufacturing: A Call for Reshoring

US Manufacturing is seeing a need for reshoring. A recent conference in Green Bay, Wisconsin called “Manufacturing First” featured a keynote address from Scott Paul from the Alliance of American Manufacturing.  Scott is calling all US…
Manufacturing facts - an infographic from Manufacturing Innovation Blog, republished on the Remke Blog

USA Manufacturing Facts

Learn a variety manufacturing facts for insights to the power of people who make products in the US.
Next Generation Manufacturing 3D printing

Training the Next Generation for the Manufacturing Workforce

A new program in Arkansas creates a network of opportunities for students and job seekers, the next manufacturing workforce. An article recently published on Manufacturing Innovation Blog, by guest blogger Marta Collier of Arkansas Manufacturing…
US China Manufacturing Gap - Remke Blog

Closing the Manufacturing Cost Gap with China

Lower Energy Costs, Higher Labor Costs and Increased Productivity are Major Contributors Lower energy costs in the US and higher labor costs in China are helping to close the manufacturing gap in 2015. With lower transportation costs and other…
Mfg Productivity 1987-2013 - Remke Blog

American Worker Productivity in 2014

We salute American Workers on this Labor Day Weekend! As a company based in the USA, manufacturing electrical connectors in the USA and serving other companies here, the people of Remke take so much pride in our home, our workers and our…
Reshoring from the Inside - Remke Blog

Reshoring from the Inside

Reshoring – bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. from overseas – is a phenomenon that has continued to strengthen and grow over the past couple of years. In this blog we’ve talked a lot about this trend and given you links to many…
Reshoring of Manufacturing, Bringing jobs Back to the USA - Remke Blog

Have you heard the latest about RESHORING?

For more than 50 years, Remke Industries has been manufacturing our line of cord grips & molded connectors in the Chicago suburbs.  We’re proud to use the MADE IN USA symbol, glad to support organizations like the Made In America Movement…
Changes in the Electrical Industry 2014 - Remke Blog

Trends that will Shake Up the Electrical Industry

It seems the economy has turned the corner and looks to be heading for steady growth in 2013 and hopefully beyond. Advancing technologies & emerging sales opportunities affect the businesses of electrical distributors, electrical products…
Reshoring in 2010 - Remke Blog

Made in the USA – More Companies Coming Back

In the July 9th post on his blog Software Advice, Derek Singleton wrote an excellent article entitled “What Can be ‘Made in the USA?”.  Mr. Singleton writes about a topic we’ve discussed several times in this blog – reshoring –…
Reshoring Initiative -

Reshoring America Part 2: Bring Jobs Back Home

On 12/2/11 our blog introduced you to Reshoring America – an initiative focused on bringing manufacturing back home.  We shared with you some of the story of Harry Moser, founder of The Reshoring Initiative.  And we provided a link to his…