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Stainless Steel Cable Connectors - A Manufacturer Comparison

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Not All Stainless Steel Electrical Connector Manufacturers are Created Equal. Remke delivers more options, more stock connectors and more sizes than most! From the size to the type of steel, number of parts in stock to the bushing options available, Remke has more stainless steel connectors.
Strain Relief Cable Glands with Dome Cap - Remke Blog

Which Single Component is Used in Hot Tubs, Robotics and Dental Equipment?

Remke Dome Cap Cable Glands are easy-to-assemble and suited for all types of machinery. They withstand harsh environments and are assembled fast!
Eliminate hand wiring with customized connectors from Remke

Enough with the Hand Wiring!

See how custom-shielded connectors solve numerous problems created by hand-wiring, including a 360-degree shielding and tamper-resistant components.
PowRTeck MC Connectors by Remke Unique One Piece Design - Remke Blog

PowR-Teck MC Connectors Save Time & Money

Our PowR-Teck MC Cable Connectors feature an exclusive PowR-Lock™ one-piece design. No disassembly required – just push the cable through, tighten the connectors and you’re done.
PowRTeck MC Connectors by Remke a Quick Reference Guide - Remke Blog

Quick Guide: MC Cable Connectors

MC Cable Continues to Improve with Advances in Materials and Fittings. A quick-guide to Remke's line of MC cable connectors for jacketed MC and Teck cable.
Check out Remke's buyers guide for cable support wire mesh grips for data centers.

Securing Cable Runs - Part 2

Handy charts to easily select the best wire grips for able support to better secure cable runs. Make vertical runs or flexing connections more secure.
Jamie Tyson, Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation winner of Remke summer photo contest 2016

Summer Photo Contest Winners

Innovative Applications for Remke Cable Connectors The Grand Prize winner of the summer photo contest, Jamie Tyson of Navmar Applied Sciences Corp., won a $125 Amazon gift card! NASC (Navmar Applied Sciences Corp) recently completed a successful…
Choosing the Right Cable Connector to Avoid Downtime in Harsh Environments and Applications - Remke Blog

Choosing the Right Cable Connectors to Avoid Downtime - A Whitepaper

Advanced Selection of Industrial Electrical Connectors for Harsh Applications Failure of a single electrical connector can stop production in a split second. Repair time depends mainly on the type of connection that is used. The right connector…
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Case Study: Distribution Boxes Save Time & Money on Oil Drilling Platform

Engineered Protection for Sensitive Connections in a Harsh Environment An off-shore oil drilling platform was having problems with miswiring, condensation, corrosion and electrical shorts. They were facing downtime and increased costs because…
NYEBall2 1200x1025 Countdown Entertainment LLC

Light Up the New Years Eve Ball!

It's an American Icon. But How Did the NYE Ball Come to Light Up Time's Square Every Year? It started in 1907, with a new years eve ball made of iron and wood, lit up with one-hundred, 100-W light bulbs. It was 5-ft in diameter and set atop…