Valox Electrical Connectors in Food Processing and other harsh environments - Remke Blog

Valox Cord Grips for Reliability in the Harshest Conditions

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Non-metallic, Valox® cord grips are ideal for FDA-washdowns or any heavy-duty application that requires a strong seal against dirt, moisture, fumes and/or chemicals.
PowRTeck MC Connectors by Remke a Quick Reference Guide - Remke Blog

Quick Guide: MC Cable Connectors

MC Cable Continues to Improve with Advances in Materials and Fittings. A quick-guide to Remke's line of MC cable connectors for jacketed MC and Teck cable.
Custom Electrical Connectors by Remke Engineered Solutions Manufacturing Team - Level 3 Custom Manufactured Cable Connectors

Custom Electrical Connectors - Level 3: Completely Custom Connectors

Engineered Solutions for Custom Electrical Connectors Level 3: Custom Cable Connectors and Cord Grip Manufacturing When your specifications for electrical connectors call for engineered components and custom tooling, Remke has you covered. Our…
Example of adapted solutions for cord grips and cable connectors.

Custom Electrical Connectors - Level 2: Adapted Applications

Engineered Solutions for Customized Electrical Connectors Level 2: Adapted Application Solutions for Cable Connectors and Cord Grips When a slight modification to a stock electrical connector isn’t enough, rely on Remke for a customized…
Custom Electrical Connectors by Remke Engineered Solutions Manufacturing Team - Level 1 Modified Stock Cable Connectors

Custom Electrical Connectors - Level 1: Modified Connectors

Engineered Solutions for Modified Electrical Connectors Level 1: Modify a Stock Cable Connector or Cord Grip Sometimes you need a cord connector, cord grip or molded connector that’s not already sitting on a shelf in a warehouse. Your…
Custom Multiple hole bushings with cord grip assembly - Remke Blog

Custom Bushing Design Guide

NEW! Custom, Multiple-Hole Bushings Configure exactly the custom bushing you need, and we'll manufacture and ship it fast! Remke's new catalog features a Custom Bushing Design Guide (type in Page 35) that makes it easy to get the exact bushing…
Remke Capabilities Brochure 2016

New Remke Capabilities Brochure

Personalized Service. Order Flexibility. Custom Solutions. More than just your average manufacturer of electrical connectors, Remke delivers full-service solutions for all types of industrial-strength connector applications. At Remke,…
Liquidtight Solar Cord Grips

Solar Helio-Seal™ Liquidtight Cord Grips

Liquidtight Solar Cord Grips Remke Helio-seal liquidtight connectors are ideal for your solar project needs! Featuring a skinned-over gland, including a thin, Santoprene membrane, allowing 1 to 13 wires to enter the membrane, they are made of…
Explosion Proof MC Connectors

Explosion-Proof MC Cable Connectors

Explosion-Proof MC Cable Connectors with Advanced Protection for Hazardous Applications When choosing materials for hazardous areas quality is paramount, Remke's Explosion-Proof MC Cable Connectors provide dependable protection for all your projects…
Drain Fittings1 Cropped Low Res

NEW: Drain Fittings from Remke

Fight Condensation with Drain Fittings It is common for condensation to build up within an electrical enclosure, yet is potentially dangerous.  But there is an easy fix - drain fittings. Drain Fittings will drain away moisture build…