Remke liquidtight connectors and conduit fittings reduce corrosion in harsh industrail environments.

Liquidtight Connectors Stop Corrosion Of Conduit Fittings

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Stop corrosion in industrial electrical applications with Liquidtight Connectors. Stainless steel, aluminum and non-metallic materials withstand the elements.
A catalog of Remke's Stainless Steel Electrical Connectors -

Stainless Steel Electrical Connectors Brochure

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There is value to holding a brochure in your hands, seeing all of the information laid out in front of you, and not needing to scroll through a page. Get the latest on corrosion resistant stainless steel connectors now from Remke!
Strain Relief Cable Glands with Dome Cap - Remke Blog

Which Single Component is Used in Hot Tubs, Robotics and Dental Equipment?

Remke Dome Cap Cable Glands are easy-to-assemble and suited for all types of machinery. They withstand harsh environments and are assembled fast!
Helio-Seal Liquidtight Connectors for Solar Panel Rooftop Installation_Remke Industries

Helio-Seal Liquidtight Solar Cable Connectors Save Time & Money

Helio-Seal Liquidtight Cord Grips designed smart to perform! Faster connections at lower costs. When time is money and performance is everything think Remke.
PowRTeck MC Connectors by Remke Unique One Piece Design - Remke Blog

PowR-Teck MC Connectors Save Time & Money

Our PowR-Teck MC Cable Connectors feature an exclusive PowR-Lock™ one-piece design. No disassembly required – just push the cable through, tighten the connectors and you’re done.
PowRTeck MC Connectors by Remke a Quick Reference Guide - Remke Blog

Quick Guide: MC Cable Connectors

MC Cable Continues to Improve with Advances in Materials and Fittings. A quick-guide to Remke's line of MC cable connectors for jacketed MC and Teck cable.
Jamie Tyson, Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation winner of Remke summer photo contest 2016

Summer Photo Contest Winners

Innovative Applications for Remke Cable Connectors The Grand Prize winner of the summer photo contest, Jamie Tyson of Navmar Applied Sciences Corp., won a $125 Amazon gift card! NASC (Navmar Applied Sciences Corp) recently completed a successful…
Find a Cable Connector from Remke Industries

Find a Remke Connector - A Photo Guide

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Shop for Remke Connectors with a Quick Browse Through Photos "I'll know what I need when I see it" is a common way to find what you want. After all, browsing store shelves is much easier than looking at a list of product names and details. So…
Drain Fittings1 Cropped Low Res

NEW: Drain Fittings from Remke

Fight Condensation with Drain Fittings It is common for condensation to build up within an electrical enclosure, yet is potentially dangerous.  But there is an easy fix - drain fittings. Drain Fittings will drain away moisture build…
LiquaTight waterproof electrical connectors for waterproof connections - Remke Blog

Heavy-Duty, Waterproof Electrical Connectors

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As the heat of summer in at its peak, it’s a great time to examine your submerged electrical connectors, or any connection that is exposed to water, high humidity or other elements that cause corrosion. It’s the time of year when the weak…