Remke cable connectors & cord grips are designed for heavy duty electrical connector applications.

Seal Out the Elements with Remke Connectors

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Get industrial-strength cable strain relief with Remke cord grips and cable connectors for any heavy duty application – contact us to learn more!
B and C-Size Mini-Link Connectors from Remke

Remke Mini-Link Molded Cordsets – Secure Connections for Demanding Applications

Remke’s Mini-Link Molded Connectors and Cordsets are ideal for harsh environments and demanding applications. Learn more today!
Valox Electrical Connectors in Food Processing and other harsh environments - Remke Blog

Valox Cord Grips for Reliability in the Harshest Conditions

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Non-metallic, Valox® cord grips are ideal for FDA-washdowns or any heavy-duty application that requires a strong seal against dirt, moisture, fumes and/or chemicals.
EMC Connectors by Remke - Remke Blog

How EMC Connectors Shield Against Electromagnetic Frequencies

Harsh conditions wreak havoc on electrical connections. Electromagnetic shielding reduces the electromagnetic field in a space by blocking the field.
Compliance for Remke Cord Grips and Cable Connectors - Remke Blog

Compliance for Remke Cable Connectors

Remke Cable Connectors and Cord Grips are in compliance with regulations across the board! This guide will help you determine which materials and products you need to comply with your application. Find IP & NEMA Ratings plus UL, CSA, NEC,…
IP Rated Electrical Connectors for Prevent Ingress of Dust, Dirt, Solids and Water - Remke Blog

IP-Rated Electrical Connectors

Ensure Connectors are IP Rated for Each Type of Application IP Rated connectors follow the IP Code, or Ingress Protection Rating, (also known as International Protection Rating), which outlines the degree of protection provided by electrical…
Stainless Steel Connectors for wet environments

What Does Remke Bring To The Table?

Remke Has More to Offer than Meets the Eye More Types Of Stainless Steel Connectors In Stock & Ready To Ship Remke Offers You: More sizes in stock of standard Type 304 Stainless Steel Cord Connectors with Type 316 available upon…
Electrical Connector Compliance - Remke Blog

Compliance for Electrical Connectors

Impacting Costs and Complexity of the Global Manufacturing Chain The effect of initiatives like RoHS, REACH, NEMA, IP65, UL, CE and CSA can be felt in the manufacturing supply chain around the globe, right down to each small electrical component.…