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Remke First Ever Photo Contest

Here’s your chance! Photos of applications using any Remke product just might win you an Amazon Gift Card! Each month Remke will award a $125 Amazon gift card to whomever submits the best application photo(s). During the fall of 2013 there…
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Case Study: Finding the Right Electrical Connectors for a Forging Press In a Very Harsh Environment

Custom Remke Connectors Come Through for Forging Equipment Jernberg Industries manufactures highly engineered, forged parts for the automotive industry – many of which are heat-treated.  The forging equipment was extremely hard on the sensor…
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Flexible Connectors Increase Uptime At Ford Plant

Sudden Downtime Can Be Costly, Remke Can Help Industry experts estimate that downtime can cost a manufacturer as much as $1 million per hour in lost revenue.  WOW! ASSEMBLY magazine recently published a case study about a custom electrical…
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Transforming Your Requirements into Reality

Remke Is There With The Solutions For almost 50 years Remke has been helping customers solve their unique application problems with custom solutions from simple to complex. This experience led us to establishing a streamlined process that…
Engineered Solutions for Custom Electrical Connectors by Remke

NEW Flexible Solutions Center on

Please visit the Flexible Solutions Center on – a new section on our website that’s 100% dedicated to designing custom products, specials, adaptations & variations. At the Remke Flexible Solutions Center solving the problem…
Stainless Steel Electrical Connectors from Remke

Looking for Stainless Steel Connectors that Won’t Take Forever to Reach You?

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Forever is Actually a Couple of Days at Remke Only Remke offers you Stainless Steel Cord Connectors that are IN STOCK in sizes up to 3 inches. Compare manufacturers and see for yourself! Since 1998, Remke has been manufacturing Type 304…
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What Now? Damaged Cable Shuts Down a Production Line? Oh No!

Picture This... One of the “Big 3” Automakers has an Entire Production Line Shutdown Can you imagine the tension building while they try to solve the problem?  Can’t you just hear somebody saying those words. Like most every other…
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Cool Online Resource For Product Design Engineers!

A few days ago we were on Twitter checking out the tweets and found this cool resource for engineers responsible for product design……… searchable database of material properties including FREE VIEWING of 80,000…
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The Hidden Truth

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It is pretty easy for a product that is widely used in all types of industrial plants to be called a commodity.  Take cord connectors (or cord grips) for example. These products are used anywhere – literally – that a cable or conduit connects…