Choosing the Right Cable Connector to Avoid Downtime in Harsh Environments and Applications - Remke Blog

Choosing the Right Cable Connectors to Avoid Downtime - A Whitepaper

Advanced Selection of Industrial Electrical Connectors for Harsh Applications Failure of a single electrical connector can stop production in a split second. Repair time depends mainly on the type of connection that is used. The right connector…
Molded connectors and quick disconnects by Remke

5 Important Things About Molded Connectors

Molded Connectors Aren't All the Same, Learn More About These Important Products 1] Extreme Environments Demand Tough Molded Connector Materials Corrosion, abrasives, liquids, heat, cold and stress from constant motion are all factors to consider…
RSR Cord Grip Line

Aluminum Cord Grips - Larger Sizes in Stock

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Stronger, Bigger Aluminum Cord Grips Ready to Ship from Remke Standard aluminum cord grips have been the go-to connector of electricians for decades, but did you know that you don't need to settle for ordinary? Get superior performance…
Remke Photo Contest Winner Sven Swanson - Industrial Parts Cleaner

Photo Contest Winners

Summer Winners of the Remke Photo Contest - June 2015 A few times a year, Remke has a contest for customers and distributors, and it's easy! Simply take a photo of your Remke product in action, in any type of application. Send it to us with…
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Find a Remke Connector - A Photo Guide

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Shop for Remke Connectors with a Quick Browse Through Photos "I'll know what I need when I see it" is a common way to find what you want. After all, browsing store shelves is much easier than looking at a list of product names and details. So…
Drain Fittings1 Cropped Low Res

NEW: Drain Fittings from Remke

Fight Condensation with Drain Fittings It is common for condensation to build up within an electrical enclosure, yet is potentially dangerous.  But there is an easy fix - drain fittings. Drain Fittings will drain away moisture build…
Infographic guide to cable strain relief for the electrical industry - Remke Blog

Cable Strain Relief for Harsh Environments

A Guide to Industrial-Strength Cable Strain Relief Connectors for Harsh Environments Manufacturing, food processing, water treatment and other industries gain more up-time with the heavy-duty cable connector materials and construction. To…
Stainless Steel Connectors for Paper and Pulp Whitepaper - Remke Blog

Whitepaper: Stainless Steel Electrical Connectors for the Paper and Pulp Industry

Quality Stainless Steel Connectors Deliver Increased Productivity, Improved Safety and Reduced Contamination Stainless steel electrical connectors are probably not something you give much thought. After all, they’re just small pieces of very…
Ultimate Guide to Cable Strain Relief -

Infographic: The Ultimate Guide to Cable Strain Relief

Cable Strain Relief Options - Simplified! It's easy to figure out which strain relief connector is ideal for any application. Just follow the lines. Easy to Follow Infographic Of Cable Strain Relief Options from Remke Click to enlarge Remke…
LiquaTight waterproof electrical connectors for waterproof connections - Remke Blog

Heavy-Duty, Waterproof Electrical Connectors

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As the heat of summer in at its peak, it’s a great time to examine your submerged electrical connectors, or any connection that is exposed to water, high humidity or other elements that cause corrosion. It’s the time of year when the weak…