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Molded Connectors Purchasing Checklist

When deciding which molded connectors will give you optimum performance, there are many factors to consider. This checklist will help you figure out exactly what you need, and what to consider before making that decision.

Get a Grip on Your Options and Get Connected

There are so many options for purchasing cable connectors and cord grips! This handy checklist covers all the specs to help you get exactly what you need.
PowRTeck MC Connectors by Remke a Quick Reference Guide - Remke Blog

Quick Guide: MC Cable Connectors

MC Cable Continues to Improve with Advances in Materials and Fittings. A quick-guide to Remke's line of MC cable connectors for jacketed MC and Teck cable.
Top 10 Reasons to Choose Remke Cord Grips and Cable Connectors

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Remke as Your Connector Manufacturer

While your electrical connector manufacturer may struggle with service and delivery, Remke puts it in focus! The top 10 reasons why you should choose us...
Remke Capabilities Brochure 2016

New Remke Capabilities Brochure

Personalized Service. Order Flexibility. Custom Solutions. More than just your average manufacturer of electrical connectors, Remke delivers full-service solutions for all types of industrial-strength connector applications. At Remke,…