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Cable Strain Relief for High-Heat Environments

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Hot environments require reliable connections that perform no matter what the temperature. Remke Strain Relief Cable Connectors go to work for you!
Cord grip add on components improve the performance of standard cord grips and cable connectors - Remke Blog

Cord Grip Add-Ons for Outstanding Connector Performance

An infographic with options to enhance a standard cord grip with add-ons. Strengthen, seal and protect cable connectors in many applications.

Get a Grip on Your Options and Get Connected

There are so many options for purchasing cable connectors and cord grips! This handy checklist covers all the specs to help you get exactly what you need.
Cable glands for industrial applications provide environmental protection and strain relief. Remke Blog

Cable Glands Provide Environmental Protection and Strain Relief

Find out about options for dome cap Cable Glands from Remke.
Check out Remke's buyers guide for cable support wire mesh grips for data centers.

Securing Cable Runs - Part 2

Handy charts to easily select the best wire grips for able support to better secure cable runs. Make vertical runs or flexing connections more secure.
Get superior cable support with Remke wire mesh cable grips.

Securing Cable Runs - Part 1

How to choose wire mesh grips for cable support in vertical cable runs and in applications with bending and flexing applications.
Custom Electrical Connectors for Harsh Applications - Remke Blog

Custom Electrical Connectors that Don't Break the Budget

Affordable Custom Electrical Connectors, Fast! 2 common misconceptions about custom electrical connectors: - They are much more expensive - Take more time to manufacture These simply are not true.  Changing some basic specifications on…
Molded connectors and quick disconnects by Remke

5 Important Things About Molded Connectors

Molded Connectors Aren't All the Same, Learn More About These Important Products 1] Extreme Environments Demand Tough Molded Connector Materials Corrosion, abrasives, liquids, heat, cold and stress from constant motion are all factors to consider…
Remke Photo Contest

Photo Contest Winners

Electrical Connector Application Photos A few times each year, Remke chooses photo contest winners to highlight our customers' use of Remke connectors in their unique applications.  Our latest photo contest winners have been announced, and…
Remke Photo Contest Winner Sven Swanson - Industrial Parts Cleaner

Photo Contest Winners

Summer Winners of the Remke Photo Contest - June 2015 A few times a year, Remke has a contest for customers and distributors, and it's easy! Simply take a photo of your Remke product in action, in any type of application. Send it to us with…