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Stuffing the pipeline.  Is it true that many sales professionals believe this is the best way to increase their sales?  For those who say ‘yes’, or who know a salesperson that would say ‘yes’, let’s think again.  Having more prospects usually doesn’t result in proportionately more sales because you end up trying to develop too many accounts at one time and somebody, or more than one somebody, will fall through the cracks.  After all, salespeople are human too!

So what’s the answer?  How about instead of trying to sell to more customer make sure you’re selling to the RIGHT customers.  Here’s a few strategies to help you sell smarter:

  • Increase the percentage of time you spend selling
    • Spend less time doing paperwork……if possible get somebody else to handle CRM data entry… & learn to use smartphone apps that will help you optimize travel times….use web conferencing
  • Think about your solution as a verb
    • This is a useful mental exercise…think of your job as selling “gluing” (a verb) instead of selling “glue”……selling “the verb” naturally leads you to talk to customers about the function that your product will play in the customers’ business
  • Consider yourself the customer’s ally
    • Visualize how your company can help the customer achieve specific goals…..focus on the customer & feel free to offer advice and help that’s not specific to your offering…..the customer will notice, develop more trust & confidence and ultimately be more likely to buy from you
  • Increase your conversion rate
    • Make sure you’re talking to the REAL decision makers not just influencers…..stay in regular contact with the decision maker throughout the sales cycle….build a short sales plan that documents the process & the players……don’t let long periods of time go buy where you don’t know what’s going on
  • Increase your average dollar value
    • Always remain aware of new opportunities in the account…..find more ways to help the customer today and in the future………the more you can be of service the more the customer will buy from you
  • Decrease the effort required to close
    • Find out the customer’s ‘compelling event’ which will actually trigger the buying process and time your selling effort to match…..schedule your sales activities backwards from the event and you’ll spend the least amount of time developing the opportunity

Which strategy can you start using today? Let us know if one of these strategies helps your sales efforts.  And thanks for reading EVERYTHING’S CONNECTED.

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