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A Talking Light Pole in New York Starts the Conversation for Smart Cities

Yes, this street light really talks to people. And they seem to love it, sometimes enough to hug it.

Although it is a gimmick by GE to promote the possibilities of smart street lights, the implications for the future of smart cities everywhere are immense. In the future, street lights will talk to your smart phone, and make everyday life easier.

Smart Cities Powered by Smart Street Light Poles

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Harnessing the Power of the  “Internet of Things”

Think about it, light poles already have a power supply, they are tall, sturdy, accessible and abundant.

GE is betting they could be a central component of Smart Cities by harnessing the power of real-time, local information and making it easy to convey that information to citizens and visitors alike.

An everyday light pole could act as a hub for gathering information about city services from sensors, business information from databases and bring it all together on one platform, at an incredibly local level.

Intelligent Street Lights Power Smart Cities

Various city services could install video surveillance for traffic, sensors for mass-transit, communication modules and information kiosks. All of that information would be integrated and packaged for passersby to easily deliver information and answer questions using their smart phones. Read Smart Lighting 101 from the Smart Cities Council.

Creating a network of smart street lights allows different city departments to build upon established infrastructure to improve and simplify the life of citizens.

Real-Time Updates at the Most Local Level

Want to know about the traffic up ahead? How busy the subway is? Ask a street light app.

Wondering what events are in the area? Where the best parking is at the moment? Connect to the corner street light.

Imagine how much easier it would be to get around a new city with smart street lights.

Think about how much easier your commute could be if you had more guidance from a light pole.


The future is coming, and it’s brightly towering right above our heads.

Learn more about the future of Smart Street Lights at Smart Cities Council.