Contractors and Distributors work together, supplying Electrical Connectors

A recent article from tED Magazine interviewed a small contractor, Jeff Klimek of Techno-Structure, Inc. about his ideal distributor. It gives all electrical distributors a keen look into what’s important to smaller contractors.

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“Sometimes it’s easier to manage a chaotic situation when you’re dealing with a company that makes dealing with them simple and straightforward”

Key Considerations for Distributors:

Web-Based Purchasing: ordering it typically performed after-hours, when customer service teams aren’t available. Web-based ordering makes that possible.

Integrated Stock Levels: show stock levels on the website so availability is clear.

Efficient Will Call: no waiting to pick up last minute parts.

Free Shipping: loyalty to a distributor would increase if shipping fees were obsolete based on an annual sales volume.

Expedited Shipping: next-day or 2-day shipping is a must for last minute parts.

One-Stop Shopping: everything needed for any project should be available from a single distributor to save time.

No-Hassle Returns: stand by the products you sell and help get replacements very quickly and easily.

What would you add to that list? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.