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Top Sales Performers Have 7 Distinct Personality Traits

The Harvard Business Review published an article titled “Seven Personality Traits of Top Salespeople” by Steve W. Martin.

Mr. Martin administered personality tests to 1000 top business-to-business salespeople and discovered 7 distinct personality traits they had in common.

How does your sales team stack up?

7 of the Most Common Personality Traits of Top Sales Performers

And equally important is how these traits help them become a top sales performer for their company.

It’s what you have, and how you use it, that matters most.


1. Modesty
Top salespeople aren’t concerned about who gets the applause for a sale.  They just want to do their job and help their clients.  They have a Team Orientation.  And they will use sales intelligence to identify connections between themselves, their colleagues and the account contact.  They will humbly leverage their network for introductions, referrals & references instead of boasting.


2. Conscientiousness
Their selling style is account control.  Top salespeople control the sales process.  They quickly determine when an account is not a candidate, when it is time to re-engage and when it is time for the next step.  They use resources like Google Alerts to get instant alerts on events such as leadership changes, mergers & acquisitions, funding and product launches.


3. Achievement Orientation
Top performers seek to understand the politics of customer decision-making.  Their goal orientation instinctively drives them to meet with key decision-makers.  They utilize outside resources to quickly research & obtain information about the prospect, their industry and their key decision makers.


4. Curiosity
Successful salespeople are naturally curious and unafraid to ask customers the questions that are vital to uncovering a fit.  They use sales intelligence to provide quick access to the mundane data so that they can be well informed going into a call and can focus their time on the vital questions around needs and process.


Top Sales Performer Traits


5. Lack of Gregariousness
Top performers establish expertise with their contacts and as a result their customers are willing to follow their recommendations & advice.  They utilize their connections in various organizations – and those thru social media sources like Facebook & LinkedIn –  to identify a trusted peer of the customer/prospect who could make a recommendation.


6. Lack of Discouragement
Top salespeople are able to handle emotional disappointments.  The bounce back from losses and mentally prepare themselves for the next opportunity to compete.  They use sales intelligence to build lists of targeted accounts to keep their prospecting engine running & pipeline full of opportunities so that they may charge ahead.


7. Lack of Self-Consciousness
Top performers are fearless and comfortable fighting for their ‘cause’.  For them, confidence is preparation and they use sales intelligence for quick access to the tools they need to hit the goals and drive revenue.


Are you a top sales performer with these traits?  Do you see these traits in the sales team for your company?  Or do you need to search for salespeople with these traits and add them to your team?

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