RJ45 Ethernet Connectors in a data center environment

Install Our New Ethernet Connectors in Just 60 Seconds with No Special Tools!

Remke Industries is excited to announce the newest product to their extensive lineup of molded connectors — industrial-strength RJ45 ethernet connectors — NEMA and IP rated for industrial and commercial applications.

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Assemble Ethernet Connectors without Special Tools

While you would typically need a specialized tool to assemble an RJ45 ethernet connector, with Remke’s new connectors and cable assemblies, no special tools are required, and installation can be done in under a minute.

We recommend using a contact pressure plier wrench or a parallel pressing tool to make the job efficient and ensure a strong connection.

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Install RJ45 Ethernet Connectors In 60 Seconds

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Just insert the cable, line up the insulation piercing contacts, clip the wire ends, and the connector is ready to transmit.

Exert even pressure across the wire manager to ensure the contacts go through the plastic sleeve on the wire and make positive contact with the wire and the terminal contact in the wire manager.

When you need to extend your network, repair an ethernet cable link or quickly connect a peripheral device without a cable assembly on hand, Remke’s new ethernet connectors have you covered!

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Features of the New Ethernet Connectors

  • Automatic wire cut-off
  • Space-saving, compact design
  • Complete all-metal body
  • Hardened and tempered finish secures data transmission from outside electrical interference
  • Hinged parts for easy installation
  • Protective cap keeps contacts free from dirt or damage during transit and assembly
  • Four-chamber wire manager – Available with color code T568A, T568B and PROFINET
  • Piercing contacts IPC – Suitable for AWG27/7 – 22/7; AWG26/1 – 22/1; AWG29/19 – 24/19
  • Standardized plug interface – According to EN 60603-7-51 standard

Remke Can Also Manufacture Custom RJ45 Ethernet Connectors

Do you need a custom cable length, cable set or other unique ethernet cabling solution that isn’t standard? Talk to Remke! We can manufacture a custom cabling or connector solution specifically for your application. Our Engineered Solutions team is ready, willing, and able to help you with even the trickiest issues.

Give us a call at 800-383-1524 or request a quote for custom RJ45 connectors.

Start Using Better RJ45 Connectors Today!

Remke’s newest connectors are ready to ship. Learn more about RJ45 Ethernet Connectors on our website, call our sales team at 800-383-1524 or request a quote today.