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Reshoring – bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. from overseas – is a phenomenon that has continued to strengthen and grow over the past couple of years.

In this blog we’ve talked a lot about this trend and given you links to many articles & websites to help us all stay informed on something that is an important component of rebuilding manufacturing in this country.

Earlier this month an article was published on the Manufacturing Business Technology website entitled ‘How One U.S. Supplier Helped Bring Manufacturing Home’. It’s a good read but what we found most interesting was the approach – it’s the story of folks on both the buyer side and supply side of the equation sharing their experiences being part of a reshoring program.

This article gave us greater insight into what it means to be part of a reshoring initiative including:

  • From the buyer side “The issue with going overseas is when there’s a need to rework parts and when communication issue arise……It became too much of a burden for me to manage….” said Michael Figaro, owner of an automotive product design company. He turned to online sourcing to rebuild his domestic supply chain.
  • From the supply side John Weber, president of a precision machined components company joined an e-sourcing platform instead of relying upon word of mouth to keep his work pipeline full.   “I get in front of buyers I haven’t been able to get introduced to in the past” he said.
  • Michael Figaro placed an RFQ for a steering linkage on the e-sourcing network of which John Weber was a member. He reviewed Mr. Weber’s company profile and his bid and gave him the opportunity.
  • Before working with John Weber and other American suppliers now in his network, Michael Figaro worked with a supplier in Malaysia. But once he found Mr. Weber’s company that “enabled us to bring quite a few of our products back from being manufactured offshore.”

The U.S. is emerging as a competitive sourcing solution. Hopefully companies like John Webers’ will continue to promote innovation and new processes so that they can be well positioned to reap the benefits of the American Manufacturing Renaissance.

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