Custom Stainless Steel Connectors Cord Grips Whitepaper 1

Electrical Connectors May Be Small, But Their Role Is Critical

Choosing the right connector will help the whole system run smoothly – and most times, it doesn’t take much. We develop custom stainless steel connectors & cord grips from simple to complex for our customers, and the simpler the solution is, the better!

Our latest whitepaper digs into the details behind stainless steel as an ideal solution for the most corrosive environments – and how we specialize in connector customization when other SS connector manufacturers won’t touch it.

Why Stainless Steel?

Stainless Steel Offers the Strength and Reliability Required Within Highly Corrosive Environments Filled With:

  • Acids & abrasives
  • Chemicals
  • Chlorine-bearing agents
  • Salt water
  • High humidity
  • Oil
  • Gases
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Direct sunlight

From high-powered wash downs to toxic and flammable chemical combinations, stainless steel beats out the competition based on its corrosion-resistance, longevity, low-cost of ownership and environmental impact. This white paper goes into greater detail on the benefits behind stainless steel connectors and how, with Remke’s help, they can be customized to your specific needs.

The Synonym To Custom Isn’t Expensive

Our range of engineering capabilities allow us to take a stock product and tweak it just a bit, or develop an entirely new design from the ground up. Regardless, we are always operating within our client’s production and budgetary parameters.

We Understand That One Size Just Doesn’t Fit All, and Our Comprehensive Engineered Solutions Program Offers:

  • Simple to Complex Solutions
  • Technical Collaboration
  • Timeline Compression

At Remke, we are fueled by quality and driven by relationships. At our Engineered Solutions Center, a single customer becomes our #1 priority. This allows us to provide an enhanced level of customer service by working collaboratively towards an application-specific solution that other manufacturers simply don’t take the time to offer.

Download our latest white paper today and learn more about the wide range stainless steel customization options we offer. Reach out to us any time by calling by calling 877-438-8833, we would love to learn more about your latest application challenges and step in to help!