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Our line of rugged M12, Single and Dual Keyway Molded Cable Connectors Enhance Environmental Protection.

Choose from Remke’s family of Micro-Link connectors to get the job done right the first time with durable connectors that are molded to the cable in the factory, and mechanically keyed to eliminate mis-mating.

M12 Cable Connectors Improve Reliability in Harsh Conditions

Remke Micro-Link connectors feature dozens of options to create reliable electrical connections within a variety of harsh environments. NEMA 6P and IP 67 rated for compliant environmental protection in extreme elements, these connectors use PVC, PUR, TPE and Rubber for efficient connection protection. They offer fast and easy replacement of 12mm to 18mm sensors, switches and control components.

Expect Essential Flexibility for Wiring in the Field

In situations where it’s difficult to design or plan wiring due to changing conditions, micro-link cable with attachable molded connectors can be wired on site! Typical applications for Micro-Link molded connectors include automotive assembly, sensors on conveyors, pick & place robots, packaging machinery, automated machinery and material handling equipment.

Use Our Micro-Link Connector Options Alongside Remke’s Micro-Port and Mini-Port Distribution Boxes for Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

Electrical Distribution Boxes for Micro-Link Molded Cordsets - Remke Blog

Remke Micro-Port™ & Mini-Port™ Distribution Boxes consolidate up to 12 connections into a single base unit.

Using these boxes enables you to change components in seconds and conserve space by utilizing a single cable connection to your control system panel instead of up to eight separate cables. All Remke distribution boxes are designed to eliminate the need for knockouts and terminal strips so that wiring errors won’t occur – saving you both time and money during installation and maintenance.

Protect live circuits and keep unwanted moisture and dust out with Micro-Link Splitters. Invest in extra protection for your receptacles and distribution boxes!

From dozens of M12 Micro-Link configuration options to distribution boxes and Micro-Link Splitters that complement the components, Remke has what you need to forge reliable connections under any environmental conditions anytime! With custom design capabilities from our Remke Engineered Solutions team, fast shipping and a vast inventory of electrical connectors on hand, anything is possible. Contact us today to learn more.