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We have some exciting news!

The winner of the Remke Photo Contest was just announced.

Seasonally, we encourage all our customers, distributors and reps to enter in a photo and short description of how they are using Remke Connectors in their own unique applications.

We generally accept all kind of Remke connectors and love to see them in action! The written description is also very helpful as it helps us (and our readers) better understand how these connectors make your product better.

Now, without further ado…

The winner of the 2018 summer photo contest is… Sven Swanson in Berlin, CT.

He photographed liquidtight cord grips for a wash-rinse-dry system application for clean precision machined castings.

Take a look at the winning photos:

Summer 2018 Photo Contest Winner Remke Photo Contest Summer 2018 Winner The winner of the Remke Photo Contest

Sven is an Electrical Design Engineer at a Connecticut manufacturer of standard & custom automated spray cleaning, immersion cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning systems.

Their systems are used in a wide variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, biomedical and general manufacturing. And their customers are names you know such as Caterpillar, GE and Duracell.

In this application, the company had been using Thomas & Betts liquidtight cord grips on a wash/rinse/dry system used to clean precision machined castings.  But they had issues with the physical size of the T&B connectors and ease of use on their equipment. Sven’s company replaced the T&B product with Remke Aluminum Strain Relief Connectors (the RSR series).

Sven said “the Remke straight & 90 degree RSR connectors are much easier to use and fit into tight spaces.

The RSR cord grips are used to connect cords to small AC/DC motors, proximity/photo-eye sensors and air/water solenoid valves. His company most commonly uses the RSR-103, RSR-105 and RSR-9105 Remke cord grips.

His application photo and story won a $150 Amazon Gift Card and we’re sure that he will enjoy an Amazon shopping spree. Congratulations Sven!

Get inspired!

Check out some of our past winners for inspiration. Why? Because next time it could be you. Stay tuned for our fall Remke photo contest! In the meantime, get those cell phones out and start snapping photo of your favorite Remke applications.