Molded Connectors Micro-link Purchasing List from Remke Industries

Choosing The Right Molded Connectors

When deciding which molded connectors will give you optimum performance, there are many factors to consider. A lot rides on these connectors, also called Quick Disconnects, and peak performance is crucial. Remke Mini-Link Molded Connectors, Cordsets, and Cable Assemblies are ideally suited for heavy-duty applications where flexibility and resistance to stress, abuse and harsh conditions are critical.

Typical Applications for Using Mini-Link Molded Connectors Include:

  • Sensors on conveyors
  • Automated assembly equipment
  • Packaging equipment
  • Robotics equipment
  • Bus systems
  • Transportation equipment

Considering the variety of applications that these connectors are used for, there are a number of options for these important little components. Here is Remke’s list of the main options for Mini-Link Molded Connectors, things to look for in a supplier of molded connectors – and where we stack up!Help Choosing The Right Molded Connectors from Remke Industries

Product Considerations for Mini-Link Molded Connectors

  • Style: Straight and 90-degree configurations
  • Pins: 2-12 Pin connectors
  • Coating: Nickel coated then gold plated contacts for enhanced corrosion resistance & conductivity
  • Cable Configuration: Hard Service SOOW, SJOOW, or STOW
  • Environment: Heavy Duty or Corrosive Applications
  • Rating: IP 68 and NEMA 6
  • Materials: PVC, Rubber, Silicone, and TPE
  • Specs: Meet or exceed UL, CSA, NEMA, SAE, IEC, and automotive specifications

Supplier Considerations for Mini-Link Molded Connectors – and Remke’s Position!

  • Country of Origin – Made in the USA!
  • Support – Our staff is knowledgeable and available anytime to assist
  • Stock – We boast an extensive inventory of products and options
  • Lead Time – We manage expedited lead times for express shipping
  • Quantities – We have flexibility related to quantities and minimum order quantities are within reason
  • Location – We are based locally, and always available for support or to fix issues fast
  • Customization – With our Engineered Solutions team, we can customize any connector to your exact specs

Shop our extensive inventory ready to ship to OEMs and distributors all over the world. At Remke, we are dedicated to bringing you industrial-strength electrical connectors with personalized service, order flexibility and custom solutions.

Remke is here to help you select the right mini-link connector and deliver on time and above expectation. Contact Us Today!