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During the summer of 2011 we were working on a strategic initiative focused on supporting one of our core competencies – Being Easier To Do Business With.  Like many companies, Remke refines our strategic plan on a regular basis but this time something was different.  We needed to add capacity to achieve our objectives.

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So here it is – introducing the ‘new’ Remke facility which is located just around the corner from our corporate headquarters in the Chicago suburb of Wheeling.  This additional location gives us the space to add capacity and do even more to make sure we are Easy To Do Business With.  While this is a major undertaking for us you might be saying to yourself ‘Well that’s nice but what does this mean to me?’

Let me answer your question by sharing a few things that I hope you will see as benefits:

  • Better Communication – additional space means more room for adding customer service staff to better serve our customers
  • More Inventory – additional space means more room deeper levels of finished goods
  • Expanded Capabilities – additional space means more room for growing our flexible/custom solutions business and for new engineering staff to serve customers with drawings & specs & consultation in a timely manner
  • Top-Notch Delivery – additional space means more room to store completed/fully-built product for quicker shipping

Manufacturing occurs in both locations and our sales, customer service & Flexible Solutions team are also located in the new building.  Creating the best customer experience possible is our goal and we look forward to serving you soon!

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  1. Brian East
    Brian East says:

    For the past thirty years, American companies have been outsourcing more and more manufacturing jobs to cheaper companies. During that past ten years, companies have begun outsourcing clerical and administrative jobs to these countries; hence the emergence if Indian call centers. The United States seems to have a pronounced westward slant, and as time goes by more and more jobs are falling off into the Pacific Ocean.

    Companies like Remke are the life blood that keeps the United Sates going. Remke’s dedicated workforce can produce quality products in a week or two while the importers have to wait months. I’m glad Remke is expanding, employing hardworking Americans, and keeping the dream alive for future generations.

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