Remke Heroes.  In times of crises, those who step forward and take challenges head on, are the real heroes.  At Remke, we support our front line providers during the Coronavirus outbreak by creating a culture of caring for our customers, and for each other.  That’s why we celebrate our Remke Heroes, when they go above and beyond the call.

Remke Heroes: Graham M. – The Sanitizer Savior

Another one of our Remke Heroes. Graham M., Production Supervisor - the hand sanitizer savior.When Graham M., our Production Supervisor at our Wheeling facility noticed that we were running low on hand sanitizer, he did what everyone else did.  He looked online and found that almost every outlet had sold out.  Then he started calling our standard list of suppliers for janitorial supplies, and came to the same end.  No one had any inventory.  Graham, being ex-Navy, is not accustomed to failing at a task.  As such, he started dialing for  disinfectants.  He finally found 2 five gallon buckets of the salubrious sanitizer from a most unlikely source.  As it turns out, our cutting oil supplier had converted part of their operation to pumping out the precious Purell® substitute.  While it was a bit runnier than Purell, it WAS 80% ethyl alcohol, which according to the CDC is more than enough to kill the COVID-19 virus.  He wrangled a bit on price and within 2 days Remke associates in both production and warehouse facilities had enough to keep them well supplied for a few months.  Thanks Graham for being one of our Remke Heroes, helping keep everyone a little safer during this pandemic. View/Like/Share this post on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Remke Heroes: Katie T. – Master Mask Maker

Another one of our Remke Heroes. Katie T. - Master Mask MakerIt didn’t take long for Katie T. to recognize that there was a need among her fellow Remke Customer Experience Reps for face masks.  Now Katie has built a reputation in the two years she has been with Remke as a team player and always willing to go the extra mile for the company.  So when she started hearing that we should be wearing masks (this is prior to the Customer Experience team working from home), she took it upon herself to source a pattern and material and even find a ready stock of elastic that would do the trick.  So she set about sewing up cloth masks for everyone in her department.  She then shared the design pattern with several other Remke associates who also were skilled in sewing.  Now she has supplied her entire team with custom made masks.  And when she’s not at work, she is home sewing masks to give to first responders as well as making a little extra money by selling them on Etsy.  Thanks Katie for your industrious contribution to keeping our workplace safer, you are truly one of our Remke Heroes. View/Like/Share this post on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Team Remke Helps McCormick Place Field Hospital

When our Customer Experience Agent, Ashley L. answered the phone, she had no idea of the chain of events that would follow.  One of our long time distributors needed electrical connector items ASAP.  In fact, the distributor said they would be at our dock in 2 hours to pick up our RSR-629-E Cord Grips with mesh strain relief and our 2201-018R Support Grips for their contractor customer who needed them to supply power to the individual bed bays they were setting up at the field hospital being constructed at McCormick Place.

This set off a chain of events that started with our production team pulling the individual elements from the stock.  Then the Assembly team took over.  They put out an all-hands-on-deck directive that any available assembler needed to assist for this priority order.  They then quickly assembled hundreds cord grips to fulfill the order in less than 2 hours.  From there the order went to our Shipping department to ready the package for the distributor to pick up. Sure enough, the distributor was right on time, took the delivery and dropped it off directly to McCormick Place.  It was a team effort from all of our Remke Heroes that allowed us to help the front line workers and ensure they get what they needed to keep the project on time. View/Like/Share this post on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

GM Using Remke Products In Fulfilling Ventilators

A local distributor in the Kokomo, IN area called on Remke to help them get the GM plant there converted to making ventilators under the directive from the President.  GM is partnering with Ventec Life Systems to produce up to 10,000 ventilators a month.  The distributor’s customer, an electrical contractor, needed cord grips to retrofit machinery that will eventually produce ventilators.  They chose Remke because of our track record of having product in-stock, the high quality of our products and the speed with which we could deliver the needed electrical components.  We are honored to be able to help in the fight against the virus. View/Like/Share this post on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

In Times of Crises, Remke is There

Remke has always been known for exceptional customer care, and during these trying and confusing times it is even more important for us to double down to ensure that our customers know that we are here for them.  As an electrical components and accessories manufacturer we have been deemed essential according to the Executive Order signed by Illinois’ Governor J.B. Pritzker.  The products we manufacture are used by contractors, MRO workers and production engineers to keep critical infrastructure running smoothly and supporting essential manufacturing operations.  We do not take this classification lightly.

Measures To Help Protect Our Associates – The Real Remke Heroes

Remke Heroes distancing themselves at lunch.

Remke Heroes distancing themselves at lunch.

We feel it is our civic and national duty to continue to operate during this time of uncertainty.  Our associates are the backbone of the company and we have many associates who have worked here for 20+ years.  Protecting our associates is the top priority for us to ensure that we can continue with an uninterrupted supply of products, as well as help ease their anxiety about job security.

First and foremost we are strictly adhering to and enforcing social distancing.  Workstations have been adjusted to be 8 to 10 feet away from one another, and there are weekly meetings with all production, assembly, warehouse and shipping associates to go over procedures as well as discuss how we can all keep each other safer.

Here is a short list of activities and policies that we have undertaken to keep our associates safe…

  • Donating Vacation Days – a program where associates can donate vacation/personal days to other employees in need.
  • Providing masks, gloves and hand sanitizer to all associates.  We are strongly encouraging their use both on the job and when they are in public spaces.
  • Ensuring 8 to 10 foot distances between associates at their workstations and at break/meal periods.
  • Requiring hand sanitizer use before and after punching in/out on the time clock.
  • Reminding all associates to stay home if they are sick AND providing appropriate paid time off to support this effort.
  • Keeping guests/visitors out of the building.
  • Setting up dozens of associates to work remotely in order to reduce traffic and exposure in the building.
  • Removing all unnecessary travel between buildings to reduce traffic and exposure.
  • Reminding associates about their benefits, especially MD-Live option to see a doctor remotely.
  • Holding weekly update chats with all associates.
  • Providing weekly written updates from President.
  • Continuing to keep all workers at full capacity, so no layoffs or hours reductions as of 4/20/20.
  • Posting signs and instructions about hand washing, package disinfecting, and social distancing in conspicuous locations throughout our facilities.

While no one can cover all the bases all the time, we are trying our best to keep awareness of health and safety at the forefront of all we do.  Our associates are family, and we treat each other as we would our own family members.  This has always been at the heart of the values that our founder John  Remke set forth when he formed the company in 1963, and are still in practice today.

“It is our duty to protect our associates.  It is a symbiotic relationship.  We have always put the welfare of our associates first, and that has paid off for us in terms of loyalty and product quality,” says Tom O’Gara, CEO of Remke.  “We treat our associates like family.  You protect your family, and your family protects you.”

If you are in need of electrical components and accessories, please feel free to reach out and contact us.  We will do everything in our power to help.

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