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Remke Cable Connectors & Cord Grips in Action


At Remke, we love listening the connectivity challenges our customers are facing, and helping them find the right solution. We especially appreciate it when customers share with us the results of the solution, and feel a true sense of satisfaction seeing our cable connectors, cord grips, molded connectors and cordsets in action. Here are a few of the many customer application stories we’ve gathered over the years – enjoy!


A plasma cutting technology company out of Menomonee Falls WI uses basically every bushing size of the Remke RSR/Aluminum Cord Grips series because they have many different sized cables going into a control cabinet.

They are a manufacturer of cutting machines and each machine has multiple control cabinets. According to their electrical engineer, Patrick Curran, these cabinets “are located in a recessed area of the machine so they are hidden from sight making the machine look nicer – but this also makes it difficult to get our hands to where the cord grips are. The Remke cord grips are great in this area because they are simple to use – you only have to feed the cable through the cord grip and twist the cord grip tight to seal the area around the cable. That is very easy to do in such a tight space, so we use them everywhere possible.”

Mr. Curran also told us that “when we are designing what goes into the cabinet we just specify what Remke cord grip goes where. This saves on engineering because we don’t need to specify where to put the holes every time and it saves on manufacturing because the holes are already in the cabinet. We have thousands of machines in the field, each with multiple cabinets using Remke cord grips. All of our cabinets have remained dust tight and have performed very well.”

In addition, he talked about their vendor selection process. “We always start off selecting who is reputable when it comes to new projects. We then look at the competition to compare features and cost. We have switched many components/vendors over the years for various reasons and Remke is one of the components we have stayed with all these years (we have part numbers we created that pre-date 1998.) I actually appreciate that as an engineer because I don’t have to spend extra time on a design to create all new components.”

Messer Cutting Systems Patrick Curran Fall 2017


“One of our OEM customers manufactures industrial cleaning machines. They were using straight & 90-degree OZ Gedney cord grips for both the float switches and solenoid valves in their high-production manufacturing facilities.

This customer wanted to replace the OZ product with better looking cord grips in smaller sizes to reduce wiring costs and they were looking for multiple hole bushings so they could fit more items in a congested area.

We recommended Remke connectors as they provide exceptional quality and make a good appearance on the final product and our customer is pleased.”

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Our customer, a design and implement solid state control systems, depends on the durability of Remke connectors.

“We use Remke’s quick disconnect cord sets to monitor the vibration of a feeder bowl so the control can regulate the feeder bowl’s performance. Remke was designed in from the beginning.”

We searched very hard to find an affordable connector/cable that could withstand the vibration it would face as a feeder bowl can vibrate 172,800 times in one day. Remke’s connectors and cables have held up to the vibration and in oil environments [of some customers]. Thanks Remke.”

Kevin Kratzer Rodix Incorporated


A leader in the field of lighting uses Remke products in important applications.

“Remke products are used in conjunction with our products – portable power distribution outlet boxes and lighting. The application is for fire & emergency rescue vehicles on a fire scene/ground. Our customer used the ‘big name’ product before, but the Remke products are made in the USA and much better designed! Remke cord grips have been excellent in performance with no complaints.”

John Cocozzo Circle D Lights

These are just a few of the many stories we’ve collected over the years, but they do a great job of showcasing our flexible capabilities and dedication to growing customer base.

Are you deciding on what connector is right for your project? There are so many different applications for industrial-strength electrical connectors, from water cannons to welding, conveyors to drainage pumps, let us show you how Remke products can work for you!

If a Remke product has helped your business or customer, please let us know how by commenting below or on any of our social media accounts. Thanks!