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Remke Finds a Customized Solution

Using high quality materials such as polyester resin, stainless steel, and sealants, Remke Engineering Solutions team successfully redesigned a standard electrical distribution box to better serve the needs of motors, pumps, and other equipment on offshore drilling platforms.

Standard Fit Doesn’t Mean Best Fit

An oil and gas exploration and production company was experiencing numerous problems with the traditional hardwiring of their equipment on many offshore drilling platforms. Using enclosures and terminal blocks as the hardwiring mechanism, this company experienced condensation build up as a result of extreme outdoor weather conditions including sea water, rain, and wind.

These harsh weather conditions caused excess corrosion on the terminal strips and subsequent electrical problems. In addition, many terminal strips were difficult to label which led to miswiring. The company also experienced electrical shorting from terminal to terminal when condensation would get into the enclosure. This was due to the improper installation of sealing glands.

In short, things were not going well.

Choosing the Best Materials for the Job

The Remke Engineering Solution team developed a product solution that helped the customer replace outdoor modules quickly and efficiently, without spending hours dealing with rewiring and repair.

The Remke Solution

The extreme weather conditions these electrical connectors would be subjected to 24 hours day required a product that was built to last, no matter the environment it was in. The Remke Engineering Solutions team redesigned the internal footprint of an 8-outlet Mini-Port Distribution Box to better accommodate the pre-wired circuits and changed the material of construction to a polyester resin for enhanced corrosion resistance and reliability.

The new distribution box also included stainless steel legend plates for easy circuit labeling, prevents future miswiring mishaps. The entire box was also internally sealed to eliminate all air gaps and moisture admissions.

Electrical Distribution Box for Oil Platform

Expectations Exceeded

After installing Remke’s custom engineered polyester resin Mini-Port Distribution Box, the company’s downtime was essentially eliminated, as well as costly time spent with rewiring and repairs. Remke provided the client with a secure circuit identification system, along with an enclosure that was reliably sealed against corrosives and moisture. Remke took the project one step further by reducing the size of the actual distribution box. While that wasn’t required, the customer was happy to free up available space, making their overall layout more efficient and productive.

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