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Creating Custom Cord Grips That are Changing the Industry

Remke Industries is proud to share that our latest article entitled, “Five Things To Consider When Specifying Custom Cord Grips” was featured in the latest e-book by Connector Supplier.

The Importance of Custom Cord Grips

Our article, “Five Things To Consider When Specifying Custom Cord Grips,” is housed under the third section of the eBook, “Specification Tips: Custom Solutions.” In the article, we focus on the fact that we can customize cord grips to meet your unique application challenges for easier maintenance, installation, and reliability.

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In the article we share that when choosing customized cord grips, there are five main things to consider:

  1. Material Selection — This is more often application driven and depends on environment and application use, but can include diecast zinc, aluminum, nylon, steel, valox, and stainless steel.
  2. Wire Mesh Grips — Adding wire mesh can help support the weight of a cable that is vertical or sloping to prevent excessive strain and cable pullout.
  3. Custom Components and Cord Grip Add Ons — Part of the customization process is choosing from a variety of cord grip add-on options, including multiple hole bushings, o-rings, nickel-plating, anodizing, locknuts, and molded rubber cones.
  4. Special Threading Selection — There several different kinds of threading available to help create the perfect, reliable seal for your cord grip, including NPT, Pg, ISO (metric), and NPS.
  5. Custom Packaging and Kitting — Creating kits (or special bulk packaging) of connectors and components to your exact specifications means you can keep things quick and convenient.

Read more about customizing cord grips here.

Remke Engineered Solutions

When the standard electrical connector or cord grip you need doesn’t exist in a standard line, that’s where Remke comes in. Our priority is to manufacture application-specific custom cable assemblies and electrical connectors to precise specifications.

Remke can modify our extensive family of cord grips, cable connectors and cable glands a little, or a lot, depending on your specific applications.

We’re proud to be a part of this e-book because it highlights how we’re focused on custom solutions, and our wide-ranging capabilities that allow us to fully understand everything you need to consider when customizing any cord grip or cable connector.

Learn more by contacting a Remke Representative today at 877.438.8833 to learn more or request a quote.

Connector Supplier’s Newest eBook

Connector Supplier aims to tell the story of electronics that are redesigning the world we live in. The publication itself helps you stay ahead of the newest developments in the connector industry, all while providing insight into the industries that depend on well-designed connectors and cable assemblies.

In their newest “How To Specify” March 2019 e-book, they include a collection of best practices and product solutions contributed by industry-leading suppliers like Remke dedicated to designing, developing, and delivering connector and cable technologies.

They focus on the versatility, durability, innovation, and peak performance required to satisfy challenging application demands across various markets.

The Specification Tips included in the eBook include:

  • Connector Characteristics
  • Application Areas
  • Custom Solutions

The e-book also includes a section called Product Briefs where Remke promotes our ability to customize cord grips and our anodized/nickel-plated product options.