Remke is Proud to be Featured in Connector Supplier eBook

Making Connections That Change Our World

We are thrilled to announce that our article by Remke Industries President/COO, Mark Sweeny, entitled, 5 Things to Consider When Specifying Custom Molded Connectors and Cordsets was featured in the latest eBook by Connector Supplier.

Connector Supplier tells the story of electronics that are redesigning the world we live in. The publication focuses on helping you stay ahead of the newest developments in the connector industry while providing insight into the industries that depend on well-designed connectors and cable assemblies.

In their December, 2017 eBook entitled, “How-to-Specify Handbook,” Connector Supplier focuses on the following informative sections:

  • How to Specify Connector Technologies
  • How to Specify Harsh Environment Connectors
  • How to Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • How to Specify Precision Equipment

The Remke Piece

Our article is housed under the first section of the eBook, “How to Specify Connector Technologies” and focuses on 5 key considerations when selecting the right custom molded connector and cordset including:

  • Material Choices for Coupling Nuts and Receptacle Bodies
  • Material Choices for Overmolding and Cable
  • Mounting and Connecting Options
  • Special Wiring
  • Custom Packaging and Kitting

Read the entire piece here. Or, if you’re a more visual person, we recently made a handy infographic that outlines our custom electrical connector choices through Remke Engineered Solutions.

Remke Engineered Solutions

Remke Engineered Solutions is our one-stop-shop for any customized cable assembly or connector solution, no matter how big or small, simple or complex. When the electrical connector you need doesn’t exist in a standard line, talk to Remke! Our #1 job is to manufacture application-specific custom cable assemblies and electrical connectors that meet precise specifications. They are made to order with your application requirements in mind.

That’s why we like to say that at Remke, we’re focused on “Connecting Possibilities.” With our Engineered Solutions program, that’s what we do – and part of the reason we wrote this article featured above in the first place! Our capabilities are wide ranging, allowing us to fully understand everything you need to consider when customizing any kind of electrical connector.

Learn more by contacting a Remke Representative today at 877.438.8833 to learn more about our custom connector capabilities or request a quote.