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Remke Ships Molded Connects Lightning Fast

October 2010 has seen some big changes in the electrical industry. One of the ‘big names’ in molded connectors released many of their long-time manufacturers reps which left a lot of customers searching for a new supplier of M12 & Mini Molded Connectors. If you are one of those people – worry no more!!

The Remke family of Tuff-Link Molded Connectors is ready for shipment in days – not in so many weeks out that you wonder “why did I bother calling them?” At Remke you will find molded connectors that cross to, and are a direct replacement for, all those big industry names (and you know who they are.) And if what you need is a custom solution Remke will do that too – even for small quantities.

Products Made Here in the USA and Ship From Here in the USA

Remke Molded Connectors are Made in the USA and in stock at our Chicago-area manufacturing plant. When you submit a Request for Quote to Remke for your molded connectors we’ll have an answer for you in 48 hours tops. So you can also stop worrying about RFQ’s falling into the cracks and never seeing the light of day.

At Remke you will talk with real, live people. You might get voicemail but you will also get a return call quickly. Remke isn’t some big, impersonal multinational operation. We’re a company of about 50 people making us big enough to get the job done, but small enough to take your business seriously and personally.

Remke Has Vast Options in Stock and Can Customize Anything You Need

In addition to the M12 and mini-styles, Remke Tuff-Link Molded Connectors are also available in both snap & coupler pico/nano configurations, M8 and M12 attachables, Micro-Port and Mini-Port Distribution Boxes, shielded & splitter connectors, plus bus system products.

Call Remke toll-free at 1-877-438-8833 today and your problems with getting molded connectors will be history!

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