Remke Photo Contest

Electrical Connector Application Photos

A few times each year, Remke chooses photo contest winners to highlight our customers’ use of Remke connectors in their unique applications. 

Our latest photo contest winners have been announced, and it was a tie for 1st place! Both applications were terrific, and we couldn’t decide on one winner, so we selected two. Check them out below.

Molded Connectors on a Feeder Bowl

Remke photo contest winner, Kevin Kratzer with  Rodix Inc. - Remke Blog


Submitted by Kevin Kratzer of Rodix Inc.

“Rodix uses Remke’s quick disconnect cord sets to monitor the vibration of a feeder bowl so the control can regulate the feeder bowl’s performance. Remke was designed in from the beginning.

We searched very hard to find an affordable connector/cable that could withstand the vibration it would face as a feeder bowl can vibrate 172,800 times in one day.

Remke’s connectors and cables have held up to the vibration and in oil environments [of some customers]. Thanks Remke.”



Electronic Controller for Hydrogen System

Remke connectors photo contest winner Les Gurvey  - Remke Blog


Submitted by Les Gurvey of Atlanta, GA

“The Remke molded unit and connectors have reduced the connections of eight different devices used in our system. Previously we used terminal blocks and wire connectors.

Changing to the Remke design eliminated individual wires and connectors — a time and cost savings. The use of the Remke product not only saved labor costs but makes our system look more professional.

Every customer has commented that using Remke has made the unit look and act like a first class product!”


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