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I ran across this blog on Twitter the other day and when I clicked-thru I was hooked.

Ed Says:  Only One Way to Solve Our Job and Debt Problem

The more I read the more I started to think.  Ed is Ed Farkas, a chemical engineer who has been blogging for a long time and is interested in current affairs and government policies.  In his blog for this week he says that one reason for “the mess we are in” is China.

I had never heard of Ed but I must say that he has done his homework.  He explains how China manipulates its currency in a very easy-to-understand way and moves into a discussion about the bill the Senate passed this week requiring the US to bring an action against China for unfair trade practices (note: action on this bill in the House remains unclear).  Ed proceeds to talk about a group of “51 U.S. business groups” that are lobbying against this bill which I have read about in other news stories.

Whether you agree or not with all of what Ed says in his blog, he succeeds in making you think.  Many of us in the manufacturing industry believe that part of getting America back on track is to bring home jobs sent overseas.  We continue to read about companies that are doing just this and we will talk about them in future blogs.  But what Ed Farkas brings to the table is a different perspective – one that attributes the unwillingness of our country to get tougher with China because of the intertwined interests of our own government and the “51 U.S. business groups”.  At the end of his blog Ed includes excerpts from a recent Tweet by Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor for President Clinton, that I found somewhat disturbing.  “Stupid to punish China for low yuan…..Much of what’s exported from China merely assembled there…..

Really?  Merely assembled there?  I don’t think so.  Thanks Ed Farkas for making me think.

What would you say to Ed Farkas?  Agree or disagree and why? We’d like to hear your thoughts on this important issue and thank you for subscribing to EVERYTHING’S CONNECTED.

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