Nickel Plated Aluminum Cord Grips by Remke

Did You Know That Nickel-Plated Aluminum Cord Grips Are a Cost Effective Solution to Stainless-Steel?

Providing exceptional abrasion and corrosion resistance, especially in the most severe conditions, nickel-plated aluminum cord grips are considered a light-weight, low-cost alternative to stainless-steel connectors.

Providing Reliable Protection from Wear and Friction

Nickel-plated aluminum cord and cable grips improve and extend the life of a standard aluminum cord grip, and the nickel plating prevents rust due to moisture and high-humidity environments.

If you’re experiencing problems with corrosion, but don’t need expensive stainless steel connectors, look at nickel-plating. The repairs and replacements will still provide long lasting protection without breaking the budget.

Nickel-Plated Aluminum Cord Grips:

  • Extend the life of electrical connectors
  • Protect the connectors from wear and friction of repetitive movement
  • Resist corrosion from many alkalis and weak acids
  • Are suitable for freezing and very hot temperatures, with a range from -40°F to +500°F

They Are Ideal for Many Different Applications, Including:

  • Oil and gas industry
  • Marine
  • Food processing
  • Chemical processing

They are also suitable for all types of food handling equipment that require corrosion and wear resistance!

Remke offers a large selection of in-stock Nickel-Plated Cord Grips, ranging in sizes from 1/4″ – 3″. We can also customize configurations to meet your exact specs or even manufacture complete custom cord grips in small runs.

Looking for More Information?

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Cord Grips Infographic, just follow the lines to find the perfect connector for a multitude of specifications.

Use this handy 24-point checklist to help you cover all of the specifications and get exactly what you’re looking for.

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